We’re different. We respect and help to improve our natural environment.

We want to improve our world, applying better working practices and adhering to a unique moral code.

Whether working on a custom design and build project, installing a bespoke building management system, creating a new rainwater harvesting system or crafting an efficient industrial high voltage solution, our team are proactive, dynamic and cost-effective.

As an innovative contractor, we install, maintain and, where required, design and build a full range of mechanical services solutions.

This includes heating services, from energy efficient radiator systems through to industrial radiant panels as well as bespoke or standard underfloor heating solutions. A few of the unique mechanical projects we have undertaken include: steam and condensation systems, underground pipeline systems, water treatments and medical gas installations.

We work with an eye to the future, so energy efficient solutions using sustainable and renewable technologies are a large part of our business. Our HVAC specialists source, install and maintain CHP biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps and solar energy installations.

Many M&E contractors offer only installation and maintenance. We’re better than that. With a dynamic in-house design engineering team and the full range of contemporary design technologies we design and build robust, sustainable M&E installations at highly competitive prices.

Choosing Mimram for a design & build project won’t only simplify project management but helps keep the budget on track too. As an M&E contractor that’s committed to innovation, we understand how to make those innovations cost-effective, energy efficient and critically simple to implement.