Over 40 years experience

Committed to innovation we take pride in our delivery of a full range of Mechanical & Electrical services that are on time, in spec and within budget.

What sets us apart from others is our people. We believe in a trust based culture and core values, allowing our team to not only manage projects but also manage relationships with our clients that are long term and ones that are built on expectation and reliability.

Our strength as a business lies within our wealth of experience and skills held by our people. They are highly experienced staff who maintain independant and specialist knowledge to the services we offer.

Design & Build

Our dynamic, in-house engineering team has the full range of contemporary design technologies at its fingertips. We not only focus on simplifying project management but help to keep the budget on track too, using craft solutions that are cost effective and energy efficient.


For residential, commercial or retail projects, our dedicated and multidiscipline team of plumbers, fitters, gas safe engineers and refcom engineers have a vast depth in knowledge and skill.

They provide a full range of plumbing, drainage and heating solutions, for all sizes of mechanical installations. As an approved Contractor with leading manufacturers our team have built the reputation on high quality and standards. This varies from the basics of gas, water and drainage, through to solutions that comply with regulatory challenges, our team offer solutions that are price competitive and cost effective.


Electrical installations are business-critical services. From emergency lighting and power systems through to bespoke uninterruptable power distribution systems. We have delivered landmark installations which we pride ourselves on.

Not only providing our service but working in collaboration with our clients to align their visions and ensure customer satisfaction with quality and engineering expertise.

Our Companies

Success built around our people, the environment and building a better place.

Success built around our people, the environment and building a better place.

Success built around our people, the environment and building a better place.



Offering efficient and practical solutions to projects of all shapes and sizes; from new buildings, large and refurbished office projects to high end retail outlets.

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From basic refits, to a high end multimillion pound flat complexes, our teams partner up with clients from start to finish ensuring the success of every project.

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Our team have experience in completing an immense variety of industrial projects such as engineering plants, rubber moulding plants, paint shops, etc. They understand the requirements to ensure utilisation and all challenges are met.

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Acknowledging the need to inspire the future of tomorrow; our team collaborate with clients to ensure a secure, trusted and comfortable environment is provided to children and adults. Where knowledge can be developed and shared.

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From Fuel Farms to Airside/Landside our team have over 20 years’ experience working within the aviation industry ensuring a seamless delivery of expectations. We are familiar with the sensitivity that is required within the aviation environment.

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Sports & Leisure

As one of the largest and fastest growing sectors, we understand the need of project completion within a cost efficient and short time frame. To keep up with the constant progression as new activities and equipment are developed, we help clients to fulfil requirements without hindering individual and community needs for achieving personal and health goals.

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Helping to provide tailored healthcare solutions to the sector. Whether Pharmaceuticals, Care/ Residential homes or Hospitals, we understand the necessity for each project, to fit the needs of patient requirements, NHS professionals and the surrounding communities.

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Our Accreditations