IBC Vehicles, Luton

With a long association with IBC we have completed various projects over the years. Our services provided included mechanical and electrical services, design and installation as well as some turnkey developments where we offered a whole package solution to include fabric works. We have also provided our services in plant relocations as a key partner on the overall logistics at IBC in Luton, being called upon to assist in key projects that have both tight time frame and costs constraints. Often these relocation projects are business critical as we are working in the live production environment there is no room for delay or error.

More recently we have been involved in energy efficiency directives and these include automated control of lighting as well as the introduction of LED lighting technology on a like for like replacement basis, some of these areas being highly specialised installation owing to their environment, including Paintshop, K Block Body framing welding areas, Robot Cells and Elpo (Electrocoat Paint Operation) areas. We have also carried out plant wide data infrastructure installations providing Fibre Optic data networking as well as localised Cat6e infrastructure cabling and connections.

Mechanical works have involved many forms of installations from the run of the mill HVCA services to Production and Process works involving extremes of engineering with extremely high pressure systems and high pressure steam installations to mammoth air distribution systems.

Projects of recent note in this sector are:-

High pressure wax line delivery system High pressure wax line delivery system operating at 360bar with our installations being tested and certified to work at processes operating at 500bar, these pipe services adopted the use of SAE flange assemblies and ermetti connections.

The process includes high pressure sealant storage and delivery system to the underside of the new Vauxhall & Peugeot commercial vehicle for sound deadening and underbody protection. This system includes high pressure delivery pipework from track side pumping stations on a recirculating system comprising of a centralised restocking tote. Track side delivery system operating under varying pressure from 180 Bar to 360 Bar and compiled of both SAE Welded and Ermeto systems. The installation of pipework that was via pre-assembled a Stauff Clamp system which included rigorous tests to the system to ensure it operated at 500 Bar approximately 7200 PSI.

X82 HVAC Project
This is no ordinary HVAC contract with two AHU’s providing m3 per, the main AHU weighed 19 metric tonnes and the provision of structural support stiffening being incorporated in our scope of works. The project involved the installation of ventilation ducts with a diameter of 1000mm and in order to co-ordinate these within the limited space provided within the structure provided a unique challenge to which we provided a bespoke system of support brackets effectively creating an external spine of air distribution on top of the IBC production facility roof. As a design and build contractor we were tasked not only with the co-ordination of the delivery systems and their duties but also the provision of high velocity extract systems to welding apparatus in the form of robot cells and manual welding stations. We developed bespoke high velocity extraction plates in order to ensure that all welding fume was extinguished upon entry to the ducted system. Interestingly and somewhat uncommon process work we also provided useful heat recovery by way of incorporation of thermal wheels in each AHU.


IBC Vehicles

Contract Value

Approx. £100k PA

Contract Duration

30 years


Luton, Bedfordshire